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Photoshop is a tool which is used to design logos and vectors for websites. It is the most popular tool in the world. As it a better mechanism to build web graphics, wireframes, and functional mockups. In this era of technology era, computer courses are including Photoshop as a major/allied subject because it is industries demand. With Photoshop students will learn various editing tools to design a company logos and website wireframes. As we know that it is competitive time for industries thus each business organization building their online presence with the help of attractive websites. To build an attractive website it is necessary for a web designer to include graphics and effects. Almost all top colleges and universities have already providing graduation and post graduation courses for the same. Curriculum of a Photoshop course includes the various assignments and homework that student needs to complete in a given time frame.

What are Web design programming tools?

There are mainly three web design programmings tools are widely used to design an attractive website that is HTML (Hypertext markup language), JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Without javascript and CSS, only a basic HTML website is designed and it looks simple and sometimes seems not attractive to viewers thus CSS are introduced with the HTML language to create an amazing design for websites. With the use of Javascript in an HTML website, the form validation and image manipulation will become more effective and fast, another benefit of Javascript is to make dynamic changes of content. When a designer creates logos and graphics for a website these are inserted into Html page with CSS and Java scripts for advanced effects to design an attractive website.

Importance of Photoshop in web design & programming?

Photoshop is a classic tool that is used to design web graphics and wireframes. As we know that web designing programming is constantly changing. From basic HTML to HTML5 web designing mechanisms seen various changes. But still, Photoshop remains the same core functionality that user likes and with the latest version of this tool web designers are able to design wireframes and web graphics more effectively. With the use of Photoshop tool in web interface the designers are able to enhance the user interface (UI) elements of a website. It is very important for a designer to enhance UI elements because most of the user keeping it on their first choice to use website with greater UI values to website.

Photoshop is playing a vital role in enhancing website looks with various UI elements using for web forms, buttons, and text. A well-designed website workflow will attract more people as it will enhance user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Photoshop tool will make web designers design wireframes that tells about the content hierarchy on an HTML page. Content hierarchy is also playing important role in web designing and Photoshop tool will make it easy for a designer to make it effective.

Why does a student look for Photoshop Course?

Photoshop is an interesting course and also have good job opportunities for future. Those students have good creative ideas for web graphics for them it is good to get professional training in Photoshop tool to enhance their designing skills. Students with professional course certification in Photoshop tool will get lots of job opportunities in industries like media and advertising, web graphic designing, computer game graphics and marketing and branding industries.

Another reason that makes this course compulsion for the students who want to make their career in above mention industries is competition. With the demand of desire candidates for these industries, creates a huge competition for students to make them stand out from the rest. Thus with a professional training and certification in Photoshop Course will put stars in their professional profile.

Difficulties encountered in Photoshop?

Photoshop tool seems easy to use but it is not, in reality, it requires lots of practice and assistance from experts to learn this photo editing tool. There are various hidden secrets with this tool that can be learned only with hard work and professional assistance. This includes different tools that are used to enhance effects on the photo.

There are few problems that encountered by students while using Photoshop tool.

  1. Not using layers and folders
  2. Not saving changes regularly
  3. Lack of using shortcuts
  4. Lack of using different tools

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