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What is Ajax?

AJAX means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. By the help of this technique we can use WebPages in a much faster way. Programming those WebPages with Ajax makes the programming reaction faster. Their task is sending information of small bits to the web server. In this way there is no need for the webpage to reload but only small parts of it.

Following are the features of the Ajax programming:-

Clear separation is being done among the content, style and functions of the web pages. The programmers that make changes in the page need not to be concerned with how does the page looks like

Only small bits are loaded from the server on the pages on which Ajax is done. They execute most of the time on the client. The loading of the program is done first to respond it in a faster rate.

By the use of Ajax, we can read JSON, XML and other file formats.

Apart from the useful features it has also some challenges which are as follows:-

Ajax programming uses JavaScript and it is disabled in some systems.

Ajax is not supported in some of the web browsers.

Slow network often leads to reloading of the whole pages. These types of delays are not expected by the users.

The web browser's History function breaks because the reloading of the full page is not done. The back button doesn't work in this scenario.

Further, Ajax consists of techniques of web development that make use of many web technologies on client's side for the creation of asynchronous web applications. By using Ajax, sending and retrieving can be done by the web applications from a server asynchronously which is situated at background and that too without any interference in the display as well as behavior of the current page. By decoupling the layer of the data interchange from the layer of presentation, Ajax allows the web pages and by making extensions in the web applications, Ajax changes the content in the dynamic manner without any need or requirement to reload the entire page again. In normal practice, JSON substitutes XML due to its native nature to the JavaScript.

Ajax doest relate just a single technology but rather Ajax constitutes a group of technologies. The use of HTML and CSS can be done in combination in order to mark and style the information. The webpage can further be modified by making use of the JavaScript to display it dynamically and allow the user interaction with the latest information. The XMLHttp within JavaScript executes Ajax on WebPages that allows the websites to load the particular content on the screen without even making the page refreshed. In the brief it is correct to say that Ajax is not something which is a new technology or a language which is completely different, we can rightly say regarding Ajax that it is an existing technology which is being used in the new and different ways.

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