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What is Algorithm?

In subjects like computer science and mathematics, an algorithm is called as an unambiguous specification depicting how the problems of a particular class are solved. Algorithms can perform several functions like calculations, tasks of automated reasoning and data processing. An algorithm can be expressed in terms of the finite amount of time and space and in a formal language that is well defined as it is an effective method for calculating a particular function. Taking a start from initial state and input, the computation is described by the instructions that when they are executed, it proceeds by a well defined finite number of successive-states that eventually results in output production and terminating at a final ending state. The transition that takes place from one state to another state is not compulsorily deterministic; some of the algorithms are called as randomized algorithms and incorporate random input. For centuries the algorithm concept has existed there; however, David Hilbert in the year 1928 posted the solution of the Entscheidungs problem that is where a partial formalization of the modern algorithm began. This was a partial formalization.

Further, later formalizations were being framed for an attempt to define the 'effective calculability' or it can be called as 'effective method'. The formalizations that took place include the recursive function of Godel-herband-klnee of 1930, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 39. Therefore form the above we can say that an algorithm which is pronounced as AL-go-rith-um known as a problem-solving formula or procedure which is based on conducting the sequence of the relevant particular actions. Basically, a computer program is an example of an elaborative algorithm. In subjects like computer science and mathematics, an algorithm solves the problem of a recurring nature by the help of a tiny procedure. In the field of IT - Information technology, algorithms are used on a very wide scale. For example, an algorithm of a search engine takes those keywords that are related to the search strings and operators as the input. It then gives results by conducting a search of its connected database to find the relevant pages. The task of an encryption algorithm is to transform the data as per the specified actions for the purpose of protecting it. For example in a very famous social networking app -Whatsapp, the messages that we send to the other person are enclosed with an end to end encryption making it totally private and confidential. A U.S. based secret key algorithm which is defense data encryption standard - DES like the use the same key for the encryption and decryption of the data. If the algorithm is being sophisticated sufficiently, nobody who doesn't have the connected key can decrypt the given data. It is a fact that the word algorithm is being derived from the famous mathematician whose name was Mohammed ibn-musa al-Khwarizmi, and was serving in the royal court in the state of Baghdad and his life period was 780- 850. The work of Al- Khwarizmi is the source of the word algebra also.

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As discussed above, while solving algorithm problems many issues might occur in between as a reason that algorithm problems are technical in nature and require a strong mathematical and computer programming background in order to solve them. Our team is full of very talented mathematicians and computer programmers that can solve your problems regarding algorithms very easily. But first, let us see that what kinds of problems occur while solving algorithms.

1. Obtaining a description of the problem - This first and foremost step is not as easy as it looks like. The reason is that the problem might suffer from these types of defects like - description is based on assumptions that are unstated, ambiguity in the description, incomplete description etc. These problems are tackled by our team in the most efficient manner

2. Problem analyses - The analysis of the problem is very important because if the problem cannot be identified then we cannot come to a solid conclusion. Our experts provide the best results of the trickiest problems.

3. Developing a high-level algorithm - An algorithm is typically a plan for solving a particular problem but plans to have several layers detailing. This tricky concept is explained by the dedicated team of our experts in solving the algorithm assignments of the students

4. Refining the algorithm by more details addition - In this problem, the question arises what details should be added to the steps and how much, these types of assignments are being explained in detail by our experts.

5. Review the algorithm - Reviewing is the last but a very crucial step that done by our experts to provide help to the students in the completion of their algorithm assignments.

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