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C++ program was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell labs in 1979. C++ is basically pronounced as cee plus plus. It is a general-purpose programming language. It has various features which make this program a vast language, but main features are imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features. C++ program provides facilities for low-level memory manipulation.

Why do programmers prefer to use C++?

C++ language is considered as an important aspect in the field of app development. One of the reasons to learn C++ language is to learn computer science fundamentals.  The more you go through this language you will understand better coding. C++ language perfectly balances programming abstractions and implementation details. You can gear up whenever you want to.

Most of the programming languages hide all the details for you and hides memory management and data structure as well. If you truly desire to learn what's happening behind the scenes then no programming language can help you rather than C++ programming.

Benefits of C / C++ over Other Programming Languages

To know the benefits firstly we have to look out the differences in these languages.

History of C.

C is a middle-level programming language developed at AT&T Bell labs in the USA. The name of the developer was Dennis Ritchie and was developed in the early 1970's. The main objective behind the development of C is to re-design the UNIX operating systems. The purpose was to enable operating systems so that multiple computers can be operated at one go.

History of C++

This language also shares a strong connection with the C language, because this C++ was developed by ex-employee of AT&T Labs. C++ was developed in the year 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. The developer of C++ borrowed desirable features from various sites like Simula, Ada, Ml, CLU and ALGOL 68 to make it a perfect coding language. As C language consists of classes C++ also consists of classes.

Benefits of C language:-

  1. Being a middle-level language C unite the high-level language and low-level languages. It is used for small level languages for the use of scripting drivers.
  2. C allows complex programs to break complex programs and converts them to simple programs called functions.
  3. This language is case-sensitive.
  4. Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems use C for scripting system applications.

Benefits of C++ language:-

  1. C++ is widely portable language and this language is most preferable for app development, multi-platform, multi-device.
  2. C++ language consists of rich library
  3. C++ helps and allows users with exception handling, and function overloading which is highly impossible to do C.
  4. C++ finds a vast range of applications and provides applications to games which helps gaming interface good and maintains 3d interfacing with the help of mathematical calculations.

Common Problems of Students While Writing C++ Assignments

As we all are aware of the fact that C++ programming language is very frustrating and tough language to learn. Students always face difficulties while dealing with this subject and always seek for C++ Assignment Help.

C++ language is practiced only at computer labs of colleges and universities. Some students are never punctual in attending computer labs and they miss out important classes and face problems later on while writing assignments.

When they have been allocated projects by college management regarding C++, they get nervous and seek C++ Expert Service to get their assignments done. C++ language mainly consists of coding if someone is never attending labs them how can he/she be qualifying lab tests.

Students mainly face problems while doing debugging. Debugging is considered as one of the toughest parts of the C++. It consists of the bunch of codes which are not easy to be remembered for long period and needs regular practice. Some students loosen their grips here and face problems regarding C++ assignments.

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  1. Trigraphs and whitespaces
  2. Blocks and semicolons
  3. Identifiers and keywords
  4. Compiling and executing the program
  5. Program structure

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