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.Net Framework - A Robust Programming Environment

.NET (aka Dot Net) is nowadays a well-known programming language used my numerous programmers. It is a software framework which is build up and marketed by Microsoft and mainly runs on Microsoft Windows. It lets programmers to build web applications, web services and dynamic websites. It is incorporated with a huge library all along with the functionality of language interoperability over different programming languages. In .NET, the programs are executed under an application virtual machine termed as CLR (i.e. Common Language Runtime). It helps in providing memory management, security and exception handling.

The .NET is a platform which is an important component of Microsoft Windows OS. The main function of .NET is to build and run the next-gen software applications and various web services. It provides a more simplified model for the programming purpose. There are various advantages to use a .NET framework like multiplatform applications, more simplified deployment of applications and automatic resource management. Security support is provided in .NET as it is the main function it. Authentication of codes, security methods consist of cryptography used for embedding the applications of the user and declarative and imperative form of security are all come in security support.  

.NET provides the plain and simple object-oriented model which helps in accessing the windows APIs i.e. Application Programming Interface. The native code which already exists can be used in this as it provides the suitable mechanism for that. Further, the working of .NET can be understood as the significant extension of the development platform by supplying the tools and technologies required in the development of various internet-based distributed applications.

.NET framework is an environment which is used to manage the infrastructure services. It consists of a set of the set which has multi languages or technologies which are utilized in developing and creating components for the web forms, services, and applications. It provides support for the maintenance of application along with their debugging, deployment, and development.

  It also provides the environment of code execution which does eliminate the complications related to scripting or interpret the environment. It consists of CLR that is common language runtime along with the .NET framework class libraries. The CLR can be seen as the foundation of the .NET framework. The CLR can be understood as the operator who's allocated the work to manage code at the time of execution. That operator will have to give services like remoting, memory management, and thread management.  Managed code can be defined as the codes which target the runtime. The unmanaged code can be defined as the code which does not target runtime.

The class library can be understood as the collection of the object-oriented reusable types which can be utilized in developing the apps from the vast range starting from conventional command lines to apps based.

The very famous example of unmanaged app hosting a runtime is internet explorer.

There are various advantages of .NET framework. The main advantage is that it required less coding and the reuse of the code is increased. As the framework is based on object-oriented programming thus the need for unnecessary codes gets eliminates in this. It consists of both codes and components that are reusable. Due to this, the consumption of time and cost in the development of applications is quite less. Also, the reliability of the .NET framework can be proved as it has been used to develop thousands of applications since it got released in 2002. Its performance is very stable as well as reliable. .NET allows the developer to work from their desktop, mobile browser or any device to develop the applications. 

Importance of .NET Framework:

The main objective of the .NET framework is that it makes the web applications and desktop applications very simple. By the use of Dot net framework, the designers and developers can attain the advantages of its dynamic and creative features of the in-built coding, code re-usability and feature to make use of various programming languages.

- It reduces the length of coding essential for the development of large web applications.

- The applications developed by the .NET framework are comparatively secured as the confirmation and configuration of windows are accomplished in each and every application.

- It provides the functionality of drag and drop and automatic operation all along with the server control and blueprint facility.

- This platform is basically language independent.

- The changes and modifications can be done in a very simple manner as the source code and HTML code are separated in this framework.

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