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What is programming language?

A programming language is a frame of set of directions to be followed by the computer to perform particular tasks. It is a formal language and is of high level. These languages were developed in 1950s and evolved over time into a better way to create. It has evolved over five generations. First came the machine language and now we have the fifth generation which is declarative languages. Every programming language has a different set of instructions and keywords to be performed as computer languages lack ambiguity and vagueness. These languages can easily be read and performed by the computer. They are almost used in every field of work. Like every other languages programming languages are also made up of different elements like loops, numbers, syntax's, arrays, variables, strings etc. And programming languages can be classified as high level and low level. High level languages have source codes through which the programs are performed by the computer and some of the examples of this language include java, Perl, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python etc. And on the other hand low level languages cannot be understood easily and are basic in nature. Computer takes time to understand and run this machine language. This language is not understood by humans. The best part of programming language is that can be easily designed, modified, coded, debugged, maintained and reused at any time. It has a very dynamic lifecycle.

An efficient coded program can be easily written, readable, orthogonal, reliable, robust and accurate in nature. And the choice of programming language is decided on the basis of application field and the method on which it is to be implemented. As every program has set of standards to be followed. Every programmer has a different way of working but output is same which helps in communicating between team members to perform better. Most of the programs are tested before to check all the exceptions and things related to it.

What are the most popular programming languages?

Programming languages are very useful to humans. Some of the most common programming languages are as follows:

  1. Java- It is considered as most common programming language. It was developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Many of the applications in a computer does not run without java. This language is very easy, fast and reliable in nature. And it core for developing android applications and many other exciting things. Moreover it runs over multiple software platforms and is completely portable.
  2. Python- It is high level formal language generally used to implement and easy to read by the computer. It was developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. It is useful in web applications to data analysis. This language is considered as one the easiest language to learn and implement. And it skyrocketed from the time Google invested in this language and now is mostly used in United States. Instagram and Pinterest are also built by python.
  3. C- It is general purpose programming language that is considered best for implementing portable applications and writing system software. It was developed in early 1970s for the Unix Operating system. It is also high level language but is very similar to assembly languages.
  4. Ruby- It is an open source programming language which is very dynamic and objective in nature. It is also known as Ruby on Rails. It is very easy to learn and can be understood. And is very popular nowadays.
  5. PHP- PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which is mostly used in developing of applications. It provides a platform and structure which helps in saving time and energy of developing web applications. It has set a standard of developing to be followed. It simply requires embedding the code within HTML. It is best language to be learned by people who aspires to be web developers.
  6. SQL- This programming language is most importantly used for managing big data. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is useful in inserting and modifying data and it was appeared in 1974. And this language is considered as standard language for database management.

Common Mistakes student make while writing program

Writing programs is hard and it requires a lot of time and patience. And if not done carefully it can lead to big troubles. It is basically balance of writing every code in set of directions. Like the most common mistakes programmers face is in debugging the programs where they identify and remove errors from the programs to make them better. It requires proper time and attention to work on. It helps in preventing correct operation of computer software and its working. It is a part of software testing and its developing to make it better. Debugging is the most primary form of testing the program and all the syntax errors are corrected so that the programs can perform cleanly. It consists of steps like imputing source program , letting the compiler finding the errors, correcting them and resubmitting it to ensure if it is done right this time.

Secondly, merging the code can also be a trouble to programmers as there can be any omission or mistake because programs consist of big data to be implemented. It is difficult to merge the codes in different way at a time. And there can be mistake while typing such big data as it is very hard to copy same. Humans make mistake at every bit of life and such technical work requires proper attention and time to be point.

Thirdly, writing programs require a lot of sitting to implement it as it very deep and crucial to be done. Long hours of sitting on rear ends staring at the laptop are very challenging as it requires both mental and physical stamina. So they should stand up while working and also exercise to fix it.  And nowadays the most common problem to the programmers is coping up with the technology. As technology keeps on growing on daily basis so the programmers need to be keeping up with the same to sustain in the market. So they need to invest time in learning new things and keeping up updated with trends. Innovation is not negotiable in technology.

 Next big mistake can be lack of communication in working as programmers cannot afford to miss things in working. So they need to be proactive and consistent at the workplace to avoid conflicts. Management is very important to be taken care of while working. And time estimation and management can also be a troublemaker to programmers as professional working is controlled by deadlines to taken care of to be line. The programmer should break down the tasks and allot time appropriately to manage it efficiently.

The most important mistake to be taken care of is security threats as data is very valuable and security loopholes cannot be overlooked. While focusing on avoiding error codes, security should be given taken care of. So the programmers should use parameterized queries for SQL injections and should work on keeping the workforce station safe.

Importance of programming assignments

Programming plays a vital role in defining the relations and communicating the machine on what to perform efficiently. It is helpful in serving different purpose by instructing the computer through human readable form. It is in high demand in every industry as it useful in most of the things. This serves in assisting and commanding machines to perform specific work which helps in saving time and energy.

Programming assignments allows the programmer to frame the structure of instructions into desired output. The major importance of programming assignments is that it helps in solving many technological problems. And because of this today we are able to enjoy animation and develop other applications. Programmers invest in transforming computer languages into human readable form for the ease.

These assignments are very useful in today's time as nothing runs without machines and it is the most efficient way of implementing the work. It provides portability to developers and is helpful in building better. It benefits in improving knowledge in information technology field and ability to think rational while making decision.

Programming assignments are now part and parcel of every being to keep going with the generation as life now is impossible without machines.

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