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What is graphics?

Meaning of graphics

Graphics are the computer program that helps the computer to display the pictures and to reflect other multimedia images. In simple terms, it is the representation of an object in visual terms. Some of the examples of graphics are graphs, lines, diagrams, drawings, photographs, text documents, maps, symbols, engineering drawing and many other images created by the computer. People relate graphics with images but it is more related to the text as it contains characters like letters or number in place of images. Graphics are in both two dimension as well as three dimensions. Two dimension graphics are further divided into two parts which are vector and raster. Vector graphics are bit different from raster graphics as it deals with the letter, shapes and lines whereas raster graphics used for icons, multimedia photos, web etc. three dimension graphics became popular in recent days as now personal computers have more processing power which is required for three-dimension processing. Now many video games and home support systems have advance three dimension application.

History of graphics

Graphics was firstly introduced in 1897 by Lumiere brothers in a film, although they were not very creative. After some time the cathode ray tube was invented. At that time graphics were not very famous because of lack of technology. The first interactive video game was introduced in 1950 which took graphics to another level. Graphics were developed enormously in 1960 as many companies like general electric and TRW started working on computer graphics. The commercialization and modernization of computer graphics started in the 1980s. Graphics become the key element in multimedia technology and Macintosh was the most famous tool in businesses and graphic studious. This time period was the golden era of multimedia games as they were very famous among the young audience. Three-dimensional modeling was introduced in the 1990s which improves the quality of computer-generated imagery. Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows run many Autodesk products. This period brings a revolution animation, gaming, and multimedia. By the time of 2000 graphics were begin to use in films and many cartoons such as ice age and Tarzan. Many films like finding Nemo were produced at this time which shows excellent work of graphic

Interactive and noninteractive computer graphics

Interactive computer graphics involves a communication between the user and the computer. The user signals the request to the computer in interactive computer graphics and after receiving signal from user computer modified the picture as required. Noninteractive user graphics are those which do not involve any kind of interaction between the users as a user has no control over the images shown. The image in under the program of computer and it does not use any instruction from the user

Types of graphics application

There are various types of a graphics application, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Paint programs- these programs allow users for drawing freehandedly. These files can be stored and retrieved easily and the images are usually saved in vector based formats.
  • Animation software- this program helps in simulating the images created in order to create movements between them.
  • Presentation graphics software- with the help of this software you can create pie charts, bar charts and other diagrams for reports and shows
  • Desktop publishing- in desktop publishing you can create advertisements, newsletters and various another form of documents required.
  • CAD software- CAD software helps engineers and architects in drafting design of their work.

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