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Hardware and Devices

Hardware and devices is the combined term used for the physical and tangible components of a computer like connecting cables, units of power supply along with peripheral devices like keyboard, printer, mouse, monitor, the motherboard, the sound card, speakers and other devices which could be attached externally. Hardware sometimes also relates to the telecommunication infrastructure that one has available for performing its digitalized operation. Hardware is guided by software which is the set of instructions of program which instructs the hardware about what operations are needed to be performed. The figure below shows and gives a synopsis of what consists of hardware and what are the different devices that are being grouped under the term hardware and devices:

Components of hardware are classified and categorized into various different types which mainly relates to input devices, output devices, communication devices and processing or storage devices. A brief description of each of the above mentioned devices is as follows:

Input Devices - Input devices are the term used for hardware devices which accepts information from the user of the computer, converts it into specific electrical signals and then transfer it to the processing unit. Thus, the basic and prime function of the input devices is to convert the useful information from human understandable language to a language that the machine can understand. This allows a better communication of human element with the computer system and enables user to enter and feed data more conveniently. The basic examples of input devices include mouse through which the user can move the pointer to select items on window, the keyboard which is used for entering text of document, the scanner which provide the facilities of creating a digital copy of an original paper document, microphone which allows input of data in auditory medium. Input devices are essential as they help individuals to feed the required information and data into a computer system.

Output devices - Output devices are the general term used with reference to devices which accept the data and information from the main computer system and convert it into human readable form. Thus, the main focus in output devices is that the machine generated result are converted into human understandable language and the individuals are more able to convey appropriate findings and results of the information entered. The most commonly come across examples of output devices include monitor which is used for displaying visual output, printer to obtain the output in form of hard copy, projectors to provide display in the form of large pictures.
Processing devices - Processing devices consist of the hardware components which are held liable for processing the information, data, facts and programs within the system of computer. The major devices under this category include the central processing unit (CPU), the motherboard which is known as the internal circuit and heart of a computer system, and the memories like RAM and ROM and Cache memory.

Storage devices - These components deal with storage of the data processed in the form of output. The example of storage devices are hard disk, Floppy disk, Tape cartridges and compact disk.

Communication devices - These devices help computers to connect with each other in a network. The major examples are interface cards for network and modems which helps in connecting by accessing the internet facilities.

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