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What is JSP?

Java server pages (JSP) is a technology by which we can control how the WebPages will going to look. It is server-side programming technology by which we can create the dynamic and platform independent web page applications. It does have an access of all the Java APIs including the one by which we can operate the enterprises databases that is JDBC API. By this, the webpage developers can insert their java codes inside the HTML pages by using special tags of JSP out of which most of them does initialize with <% and finish with %>.

Both JavaServer pages and java servlet are almost identical but the JavaServer page is more advanced as it consists of more functions like the expression language, JSTL etc. It is designed in such a way that it can play the role of a user interface for the Java web applications. All the web developers write JavaServer pages in a text file. That text file combines both HTML and XHTML codes, along with XML elements. Using JavaServer pages enables us to collect the input from various webpage forms and you can present your records from any databases. After that, using this information, you can create dynamic WebPages.

There are many places where we can JPS tags. The examples of such areas are as follows

  1. Getting the information from any database
  2. In the accessibility of components of the JavaBeans
  3. For passing the control between different pages
  4. For information sharing in between the requests

The purpose of both JavaServer pages and common gateway interface (CGI) is same. But when the comparison is done between the both, the JSP has quite an edge over the CGI.

When it comes to performance, the JSP is remarkably better as it allows the embedding of various dynamic elements inside the HTML pages. In CGI, they have separate files for that.

The compilation is done before the server processed them in case of JSP. In the CGI there is a requirement of the external interpreter by the server and script is targeted every time there is been any request on the page.

The JSP has advantages over the other technologies. Those advantages have been discussed below by comparing the respected technology:


In JSP the dynamic part is not written in any MS specific language or visual basic, it is written in the java. Therefore, it is more powerful and the usability is quite simple. Another advantage of using JSP is we can transfer this to other OS and any non MS web servers.

Pure servlet v/s JSP

The JSP is easier to write. Their modification is also very simple.

Server side includes v/s JSP

JSP is not only intended for just simple inclusions but it is used for real programs and making database connections.

JavaScript v/s JSP

The JSP can interact with the web server for performing more complex tasks like accessing the database and processing of the image.

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