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LINQ is an acronym which means language integrated query. It was introduced in the .NET framework in the 3.5 version. Its main function is to bridge the gap between both; world of data and world of objects. Conventionally, the queries which are against the data are expressed in the form of simple strings without doing any type checking at the time of compilations.

In addition to that, for every type of every data sources, you have to learn the different query language. The types of data sources are XML documents, SQL databases, and various web services. By the introduction of LINQ, the query becomes the first class language. By this, we can write queries in against of collections of objects which are strongly typed. For that, we have to use language keywords and known operators.

In any collections of objects that support both IEnumerable and generic IEnumerable, we can write our LINQ queries. Its support is also provided by for other third parties web services and database implementations.

In the name of LINQ that is language integrated queries, the first part means LINQ is a part of programming language syntax. C# and virtual basics languages have the capabilities of LINQ. Delphi Prism is another programming in which LINQ is supported. Whereas, in the next part of the name of LINQ, that is a query, give the explanation about the working of LINQ. For querying the data, LINQ is used extensively. We can describe the LINQ in a way that it is a programming language syntax which is used for querying the data.

LINQ is consists of its own QPE (query processing engine). We can work with various data sources by using the same kind of code style when we are not required to know the need of knowing the syntax specific. LINQ provides the facility of checking the errors at compile time and the intelligence. By using any .NET supported language, we can write the LINQ.

In the LINQ interface, the LINQ provider is an element, which is used to convert the queries of LINQ into the format which is easily understandable by the data source, between the queries of LINQ and data source.

There are 3 types of queries of LINQ. Each type is designed in such a way that it provides some functionality. Those queries are as follows;

LINQ to XML: - it is used for providing an in-memory XML programming API which is used to integrate the querying capabilities. It also provides the facility for editing the XML documents.

LINQ to SQL: - it is used to provide the functionalities to queries of SQL based data sources. The simple query of LINQ required 3 main things

  1. LINQ query
  2. Entity class
  3. Data context

LINQ to objects: - it is the basic part of LINQ. It allows us to perform various complex operations in against of any countable object. LINQ queries are more readable when compared with conventional for each loop.


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