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Mobile Applications Development

The mobile app development can be understood as the process by which we develop software for small mobile devices. That software is designed to run on low power handheld devices. These software a.k.a applications are either installed on the devices at the time of manufacturing or either they are downloaded by the customers from various platforms like android, windows or apple. The main challenges faced by the developers are the consideration of lengthy array due to small screen sizes, various hardware specifications and configurations.

There exist various formats and tools for the application development of mobile. As we know that the platforms gets update every year. Therefore, for the app developers it is important to keep their app upto date. When the developers design the software of the mobile they have to take care about the screen size of the device, the UI (user interface), processor and various other factors of the device. The developers are restricted by the UI of the mobile. All new features have to be design by considering this. Their aim is to make in such a way that a operator can operate their mobile phones very easily. Unlike computer desktop, there are so many boundaries set in the mobile phones. The user will be able to perform maximum tasks by minimum efforts on the screen. Hence, the introduction of various gestures and short-cut are needed for multitasking.

After developing the application, the testing of the apps are done to ensure the proper working of the application. Initially they are tested by the developers who design those apps, after that, the testing is done on the field. Emulators are cheap way of testing mobile phones applications. For testing the apps on different platforms, there exits different tools. For example, for testing android applications, there is a tool named Google android emulator. For testing the iphone application, there exits iphoney emulator. It is powered by the safari search engine of Mac OS. For blackberry, there exists blackberry's emulator. We use windows automation API for testing the windows applications.

The development of the apps is done in JavaScript, CSS or HTML. For the purpose of styling of the app like designing the layout view styles, the links in the apps, and the buttons, the developer, mainly use HTML and CSS. This all comes in the client side part. Whereas for the purpose of working of the apps, like what action is it going to take when the mobile user touch or click on the buttons which are designed in client side view, the developer used JavaScript. This all comes in the server side execution.

We all know that the usage of Smartphone is increasing day by day. Therefore, there is no doubt of the scope of mobile app development. By developing the useful apps, we can develop majority of audiences. There is great potential in the market of apps development if the developers design app for platforms like android, apple, etc.

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Mobile Applications Development

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