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MySQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the most popular known language used all over the world for open source database. It is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) used for the development of software applications based on web. Because of its proven performance and reliability to use, MySQL has been used by various web properties which are having high profile like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In RDBMS, R stands for relational which means storage of related information, DB stands for database which means collection of information and MS stands for management system which means software by which it is possible to modify the records so collected. Normalization process is used when designing RDBMS, which means it, has the space of efficient storage. MySQL operates by way of architecture of client in which server works having the database and for that client is required to connect to the server over the network. Usually MySQL is supported on following operating systems such as Red Hat Fedora Linux, Windows XP, Debian Linux and Windows Server 2003.

Features of MySQL Database-

Features of MySQL are as follows:

Ease of use- MySQL is having many graphical interfaces such as configuration wizard, MySQL administrator, MySQL system tray and MySQL query browser. Because of its simple data base system and high performance it is very easy to use MySQL.

Query language supports- It supports the language i.e. structured query language.

Speed- If the server hardware on which server side program is going on is good then MySQL works very fast. It means it has its server hardware well enough then the speed of it is very good. Clusters servers are supported by it for demanding applications.

Capability- Many clients at a same time can connect to the server; it means multiple databases can be used by clients simultaneously. MySQL can be accessed by command line clients and web browsers.

Cost- As it known as open source database so it is available free of cost. It is a part of LAMP and is used by many companies as an alternative as it is easy to use and free of cost.

Connectivity and security- The database on MySQL can be assessed on internet from anywhere as it is fully networked. So with it, it is possible to share the reliable data with anyone, anywhere at any time.

Applications that can be used to make easier the working with MySQL are:
1) TurboDbAdmin
2) MySQL GUI Tools
3) DB Designer 4
4) WWW SQL Designer
5) Instant SQL Formatter
6) phpMyAdmin
7) EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Advantages of MySQL Database are as follows:

Complete workflow control- MySQL can be work on any platform like Microsoft, Linux or UNIX. It takes less than 30 minutes for its installation when downloaded.

Data security- Because of being secure and reliable database management system it is owned all over the world for web applications. It is mainly useful for e-commerce industry which involves transfer of money on frequent basis.

Reduced total cost of ownership- It has helped many companies in cost savings especially for new projects. MySQL has helped to save the troubleshooting time because of its ease.


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