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What is Oracle? Importance of Oracle Database?

Oracle is a database which is a type of relational database management system. Some call it Oracle database; some call it just 'Oracle' or 'Oracle db'. The oracle corporation is the producer and marketer of Oracle.


The four editions of Oracle database are listed below:-

1. Standard edition, which is considered the most secure and vigorous. Features like security and superior performance are offered by it along with its all features.

2.Express edition, which is free of cost, lightweight and limited Linux and Windows edition.

3. Standard edition, which gives users, the base functionality so that they no longer need firm edition's robust package.

4. Oracle light, which is targeted particularly for mobile devices.

Oracle Corporation: Talking about the industry of Database business, the biggest software company is the Oracle Corporation. Oracle's relational database became the industry standard by supporting SQL being the first one to do that. Talking about the list of relational database engines, Oracle database is the most reliable and widely used.

History: A person name Lawrence Ellison with a co-worker and his two friends originally developed Oracle in the year 1977. All the major platforms such as UNIX, Mac OS, Linux and Windows support Oracle.

Advantage/Importance: Oracle has a wide range of advantages and key features that provide security, maintenance, reliability, performance and protection on operation of data. Apart from this, it is very popular and stable because of the reason that it keeps on including new features which ultimately make oracle a user friendly experience and popular database among different organizations.

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