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What is pascal?

Pascal is a computer programming language named on the honor of the great French mathematician philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal. It is procedural programming language designed in 1968 and published in 1970. Pascal was introduced by Nicklaus wirth.  He designed an efficient small and intended to encourage good programming practice using structure programming and data programming.

 It was developed as improvements in ALGOL60 language. Later on it was developed as object-oriented programming language and used by Apple in apple computer and Borland since 1985 and 1980. It was developed as Delphi in Microsoft windows. Macintosh operating system was translated in Motorola 68000 assembly language by Pascal sources. Latest achievement in the field of developing this language has reached as it has introduced UCSD Pascal and this version ran on operating system which can be presented on different platforms. It has introduced or developed his app manager which helps to ran total commander Skype Apollo computer. It is recently used in computer games and embedded systems. Under the development of this language Donald e. Knuth was written in web and literate programming system. Latest version of this language has introduced as DECPDP-10 Pascal.

Niklaus wirth has put his all efforts to design an efficient speedily working programming language using structure and data programming. ALGOL60 is as language which works in algorithms that's why Niklaus choose the ALGOL60 language and developed it as ALGOL W and later on developed it as Pascal. This is why it helps Pascal language to work rapidly. Pascal also works as a compiler. First Pascal compiler was introduced as Zurich CDC6000 mainframe computer. He used data structure with algorithms to improve the Pascal language rapidity. GNU compiler is written c language.

First successful port of CDC Pascal compiler's work has done by welsh and Quinn at queen university of Belfast in 1972 and their target was ICL1900 series. Pascal language is also known as a porting kit which delivered command as virtual stack to machine. It is called Pascal p-system compiler which was introduced named as a Pascal P-1, Pascal P-2, Pascal P-3, Pascal P-4. Byte code Compilers has also introduced through Pascal P-4 but mainly it is based on CDC6600 60 bit word length. It allows native binaries and whole data is released to the IBM system 360 computer mainframe work. It is known as AAEC Pascal compiler. In the series of development of this Pascal language it has introduced Watcom. Super Pascal and turbo Pascal is higher level achievement of this language because of this specification it is widely popular in the systems. It helps the system to present the full screen. It is a big achievement in the field of programming language. Pascal is a one of prominent and widely used language which enhances our pc system by its workability.

After all the such qualities this language is widely criticize by the people because of its tutoring possibilities are less which means tutors are not easily available to teach this language to the student while C language is more popular then because of learning possibilities. Writing of function in one array is not possible in this language which makes it unfeasible.

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