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What is PHP? Importance of PHP:

Basically, PHP is a scripting language which is mainly employed for the scripting of server-side. The main objective of the PHP Programming is web development all along with many other general purposes.

There are many features of PHP programming language; some of them are illustrated below:

  1. The respective syntax of PHP is mainly derived from Pearl, C and JAVA.
  2. It can easily download from its official website which makes it a free medium.
  3. By using the PHP, the probability of creating a good dynamic content is increased.
  4. This programming language is very simple and compatible and can be employed with nearly all servers.
  5. MySQL, Generic ODBC, Oracle and many more databases are supported by PHP.
  6. The PHP programming code begins and ends by processing instructions.
  7. The PHP code is executed on the server side and then generates HTML which is subsequently sent to the client side.
  8. Some of the merits of the PHP programming language are as follows:
  9. Speed: Because of the less system resource, it is comparatively fast.
  10. Open source: A huge group of PHP developers maintained this PHP programming language; as a result, there is a great community support with a rich additional library.
  11. Simple to apply: The syntax is very much similar to C, which makes it simple to build up scripts in PHP.
  12. Stable: In this programming language, the bugs are fixed promptly.
  13. It encompasses an influential library support which makes it quite famous among developers.

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The assignments of PHP programming are very tough to crack because of the two main causes. Firstly, every student is not well-known with the basics of PHP programming and advanced concepts of PHP programming. Secondly, most of students are familiar of working on desktop based applications which is quite simple as compared to web-based applications and PHP is widely used for the web-based applications. Furthermore, to adjust with code in CSS and HTML are quite hard for the learners.

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