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We all know that completing a programming assignments is the most difficult and challenging task for a student which can't be finished with the help of proper guidance and assistance. Here we will discuss about programming and its features and the online help service provided by us.

First of all, what is programming? Simply saying, programming is the method of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, which is then executed by the computer. It includes analysis, creating algorithms, developing, understanding and implementation of the coding. Categorizing it, programming has a wide scope and it is vast, here are the names of common known programming languages:

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. JAVA
  4. Python
  5. .NET, ASP.NET, VB
  6. COBOL
  7. Php
  8. Perl
  9. Pascal
  10. Assembly Language
  11. MATLAB
  12. JSP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  13. LISP and many more.

Problems that every student face in completing programming assignment

Accomplishing programming assignments is never an easy task, on an average most of the students stuck while doing their college assignments without any proper help or guidance. Some of the problems are discussed here:

1. Relying on theoretical part - This is the biggest misconception of most of the students who pursue programming that programming subject is theoretical, all they do is that they read the theory concepts without studying practical part, as a result they don't score enough in their examinations and thus they find it difficult to complete their assignments.

2. Lack of basic concepts - Most of the students prefer theory part over practical and study theoretical part for entire year and the practical part remains untouched and thus their foundations for that subjects gets weaker and they struggle while completing their homework and task. With the lack of basic concepts one can't move forward to another topic and this creates lots of confusion and queries.

3. Regular practice- Programming is not an easy subject as it requires lot of practice and revision on regular basis; with the lack of practice one can't score good grades in their exams. The habit of practicing must be cultivated among students because such subjects need lots of concentration, attention and practice. Without practice, students can never understand the practical part of programming.

4. Give up Quickly - We know that sometimes a student creates a program with full efforts and when it comes to run the application, syntax error or program error occurs due to which the student easily gets demotivated, frustrated and they give up on that. A student must try hard and practice more for learning it properly and can take help from a tutor online for their programming assignment help.

5. Debugging- Debugging is finding a defect in a program which stops a computer application to run or work and resolving it. It is a difficult task and also very frustrating for some students because a student writes all the codes and still their program did not run so they have to find the defect and error in those codes and it also requires a lot of effort which a student don't want to perform.

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