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To understand the web development you need to understand some common terms and knowledge related to create a website.

Web developing is a broad term related to web page. It deals with all aspects related to a website. It has all information required to create a web page on internet or a private network.

Web page: It is a single page consist simple words with attractive quotes and link of another pages.

Web designing: This section has information of maintenance of all corners of a website including graphics of the website.

Web Engineering: It has information about the precaution and technical requirement to create a page on internet (World Wide Web).

Web content: Writing content information obtained by this section it contains required factors regarding the website content.

Client side: Client side is a side on web which created for the clients.

Web server: web server is a server where web pages are hosted.

 Web developing is a term used to answer How to Develop a Web Site? It is process where we learn developing a website. Web site is a page searched on internet on world level where you can drag and drop things. It can be a blog web where people can put their stories, images and anything else which they want to share to the public. It consist images, content as well link icon of the social website at the below taskbar of our website. You can share your travelling trip of last vacation. Web can be made on any topic. You can add other pages on your web.

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Integrated development Environment and Web building is different from web development. Integrated development (IDE) is a software application which guide through a fix format to build a website Where as, web development contains information of beautification. It is also includes that how to put various data in organized way on a web page. It has information that how to input new features in your computer applications. Feature inbuilt in particular application know as application development.

Different technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML (Hyper-text markup language), and DOM are mainly available technologies used to develop the website.  Web scripts are mainly written in PHP (Hyper text processor definition) and ASP (Active Server Page Application Service Provider) language. Dynamic website used to maintain database. Web pages have written in text editor. Web development deals with maintaining database, designing in the web. Security consideration is major application of the web development to prevent the web we need to take a TLC certificate which prevent page from internet fraud. Hardening server port can damage your web. To keep web server protected from intrusion it needs SSL certificate issued by certificate authority. Information technology is a major part of web development with the point view of security concern.

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