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Laravel is one of the PHP frameworks which is free to use and open source so that anyone can use it. It is very demandable currently in the web development sector. For PHP, there exist many frameworks which are used in various enterprises to perform efficient programming in a very quick time. Laravel is one of the newest frameworks which are loaded with advanced features. Laravel was launched in the year of 2011 and today for the app developments and web applications, it is the most widely accepted and used framework in the IT industry.

Laravel is a structure which gives us the facility to select and design program on it. The framework allows us to how we are going to mold our software according to our needs and then connect it different APIs. While developing, the programmers face various difficulties in their projects like sessions, caching, routing and authentication. By using Laravel all of these difficulties vanish. The codes written on the Laravel framework are very simple and more expressive. Due to this, the codes are easy to maintain and the programmer gets the web applications which is developer friendly.

The codes written in the Laravel framework have better foundations, easy to maintain and the framework is loaded with robust features. The Laravel applications are based on the MVC framework that is model-view-controller. In this, to handle the user requires we use controllers and by leveraging the models to retrieve the data. Although it is loaded with features, it is still a very lightweight framework. Some of the features are the blade templating engine, packaging system, unit testing, ORM, etc. due to the presence of unique architecture, the developers are able to create their structure which is designed for their applications. For the large and complex projects like content management systems, the availability of these features is very advantageous.

The approach to routing is simple and incredibly. It is more flexible and we can control the route which is needed per our application. It permits us to do the nomenclature of the created links. Therefore, rather than creating the links you can just use the route name and the required URI will be inserted automatically by the URI. Unit testing is the crucial part of the Laravel framework. For ensuring that the changes did do not get break anything without warning, Laravel runs more hundred test for this. Laravel is designed in such a way that is more prudent about the failures which are known in previous frameworks. Due to this, it is considered to be the most persistent release.

One of the features of Laravel is view composers can be understood as the blocks of codes which can run simultaneously when the view is loaded. Another feature of Laravel framework is the application logic. For implementing it into the application, it is done by either using the controllers or by the declarations of the route. The designing of the Laravel is done in such a way that by using the developers can create both very small and lightweight websites and applications of gigantic enterprises.


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