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JavaScript is considered as a most common programming language. It is considered as a most commonly used programming language as a part of web pages. It is object oriented scripting language which connects to the objects of its environment and to provide programmatic control for them. JavaScript was earlier known as the LiveScript,  It is a light-weight programming language which is helps in functioning of the web pages; it is a open language that can be used by anyone without obtaining the license. It allows the pages to react to the following i.e. to identify user's browser, showcase special effects and to maintain the quality of data.

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language which was created by Brendan Eich and first introduced in December 1995. We can implement various complex things on our webpage by using JavaScript. It is a lightweight scripting language. By using JavaScript on our webpage, we can create an environment in which the content updates dynamically. We can also control the multimedia on our webpage along with that we can run animation of the graphics both 2D and 3D on that. The JavaScript enables us to make our webpage more interactive and attractive. The JavaScript comes on the third layer of the cake of standard web technology, after HTML and CSS.

It contains various objects like Array, Date, and math in its standard library along with the different core set of language elements like control structures, operators, and statements. We can embed code of the JavaScript's on HTML pages which can be interpreted by different web browsers.

Many times, people get confused with Java and JavaScript. They think both of them are same. In some ways, we can say that they are similar but they are fundamentally different. The java has static typing and strong type checking. Whereas JavaScript consists of expression syntax, with naming conventions and the basic control slow. Earlier it was known as LiveScript but due to these features, it was renamed as JavaScript. JavaScript is an object-oriented language whereas Java is a class-based.
JavaScript enables you to store useful values inside of the variables. We can do operations on the text pieces. Apart from that, the functionality built on the top of the JavaScript, which is known as application programming interfaces (API) gives us extra features that we can use in our JavaScript code.

The API can be understood as the off the shelf sets of the building block of codes. It enables a developer to execute programs that are either hard or impossible to run.

There are various advantages of the JavaScript. In this, the server interaction is less. That is, we can before we can send the page off to the server we can easily validate the user input. By doing this there is a less traffic on a server. We can also get the feedback immediately without waiting for the page to reload to just check whether we have forgotten something to enter. The interactivity of the user with the webpage increased whenever he/she move their curser here and there on the webpage. We can also provide the richness of the webpage by giving the option of drag and drop of components.
Along with all the advantages, there are some limitations of JavaScript too. It is not a fully fledged programming language. We can read or write in the client-side JavaScript, due to the security reasons. We cannot use it for networking applications as there is no support available in the interface of this. It does lack in the capabilities of multithreading and multiprocessing.


It is considered as the most popular programming language to build the web and software, the importance of it can be as follows:

  1. It is considered to be important because it is supported by the most known browsers i.e. Chrome and Firefox.
  2. It also has a function of debugging which helps in finding out and correcting the technical errors.
  3. JavaScript is in demand because it functions relatively fast to the end user, which means tasks in the JavaScript on web pages are very simple that it prevents it from being memory recall.

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