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What is MATLAB?

Matlab is a very high level programming language which allows us to do numerical computation as well as visualisation. The name Matlab is a combination of Matrix-Laboratories. As the name suggests, matrix and array are the basic data element in Matlab programming. Matlab is used for the stimulation and modelling purpose. It is generally used to write the programme that manipulates array based data. An array can be defined as data structure, which is used to store the definite size collection of same kind of elements.

Matlab has lots of applications in different sectors. Banking sectors, engineering sectors, designing sector, scientific and research application, all use Matlab programming as it simplify the complex data and makes it easy to understand by the visualisation techniques.

Initially it was developed to get the access of the matrix software of LINCPACK and EISPACK projects. They are known for their state of the art matrix computation software

The system or the working of the Matlab can be understood by the five main points.

The first part is the matrix language, which is a high level matrix language. It generally allows us to do both type of programming viz. 'programming in the small' and 'programming in the large'. Programmes done by Programming in the small can be defined as the small programmes created quickly while programming in the large are the one which consists if more complex and lengthy programming.

The second part of the system is Matlab working environment. The working environment is nothing but the facilities and tools used but any Matlab programmer. All the tools require for the developing and managing the Matlab files comes in the environment.

The third part of the system is handing the graphics. It consists of all the data visualisation process both three dimensional and two dimensional. All the appearances in the graphics can be managed in this part.

The fourth part is the mathematical functional library of the Matlab. All the mathematic operations like arithmetic that includes sum, multiply etc, and trigonometric that includes sine, cosine, tan, etc comes in this part.

The fifth and last part of this system is programme interface of the programme. We can write programmes in C and FORTRAN languages in this.

What frustrates you about MATLAB

There are several things that frustrates while programming in the Matlab. As it is a very complex language, therefore, generally people face issues while programming.

The most common issue faced by programmers is the use decimal. While inserting data in decimals, programmers generally make errors like writing 5 in place of .5. The one missing point before '5' can create an error in the whole programming, resulting in the frustrations faced by the programmers.

Another issue is with the pixels of the monitor. If you try plotting the datasets in a very large number, that is, the number higher that the pixel strengths of your monitor, than while running the program, your computer will get hang, as it requires more pixels to run.

People also face issues in graphics user interface (GUI), mostly in colour schemes. To differentiate certain tabs and buttons in the GUIs, people assign different colours to them using colour schemes. But after sometimes they do end up having lots of coloured buttons and tabs. This results in confusing them instead of helping them. 

When you are writing codes and commands of programming, you use semicolons for separating various commands. Due to this, these lines are hard to understand and distinguished. If there occurs any error in a program, then it is a very tedious job to identify the place of error.

Most of the people insert variable in the Matlab code directly. There will no trouble if you are having small matrix like 3×3 or 4×4 but if you are inserting data while using 10×10 or much bigger form of matrix then it will going to take much large amount of disk space.

Is MATLAB assignment/homework difficult to solve?

The difficulty level of Matlab assignments is quite high as compared to the other programming language like C and FORTRAN due to its complexity and diversity.

Due to its complexity, it takes more time to compile all the codes and then to execute them. Not only time, it takes more disk space too.

While working in any Matlab assignments it is must to have a thorough knowledge of the programming. For beginners, it is a very tiresome job to do.

Because of the lengthy programmers, sometimes it is difficult to find the error in the program.

Other programming language only includes coding in alphabets and numeric's, but in Matlab programming, you have to be completely aware about the mathematical operations too.

People also face some mathematical problems while using Matlab

To name a few, if you thinking of doing operations on integrations, then you will not be able to solve your problems always as there are few forms of integrations, which cannot be solved by using Matlab

Similarly, like integration, people also face difficulty during derivation and summations. All these mathematical operation makes the programming very hard to execute.

Another general issue faced by the programmer is that while initiating the Matlab programming, the user might see the error like, 'Matlab is unable to find the license server' or any other error regarding the licensing.

Another difficulty that a user may face while using Matlab is 'out of memory' error. It is gernally faced by the UINX OS i.e. Mac user or Linux user. It happens when the threads in programming created by server services exceeds the maxproc value (maximum process value).

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Also, not all the students have a good amount of knowledge regarding programming.

For example, if you are a student of mechanical and automation engineer, you will going to have a Matlab in your third or fourth semester definitely. But as you know that mechanical is your major, therefore, there is a probability that you might not be interested in doing programming stuff. Your focus will be on understanding machines more. You will take more interest in learning about the kinematics and dynamics of machines.

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