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What is MSSQL

MS SQL can be defined as the software which was implemented from the specifications of Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) developed by the Microsoft. Sometimes, MS SQL also was known by the name of ORDBMS. This is a platform-dependent server. This is one of the products of Microsoft which helps in managing and storing the information. When we store the data in the SQL server then that data is stored in the relational database of ‘RDBMS'. The SQL server works as an entire management system for the data. As the name suggests, the SQL stands for a structured query language, which means it is the programming language which is used for managing and administrating the server of database. The SQL statements have a task to perform like they have to update the data in the database along with retrieving it from the database.

The architecture used in the working of the SQL is Client server. Therefore, two different types of components are supported i.e. workstation and server. The workstation components are installed on every device machine of the operator. The workstation components are defined as the interfaces which are used for the interaction with server components. The example of workplace components is a profiler, BISD, SSMS, SQLEM, etc.

The server components can be defined as the services which are installed on the centralized server. The examples of server components are SQL server agents, SSAS, SQL browser, etc.

Microsoft has released over 10 versions of SQL server in the last 20 years since its beginning. The aim of early versions was at workgroup and departmental applications. After some time, the Microsoft expanded the capabilities of SQL server. The strategy of the latest version of SQL which was launched in June 2016 is "mobile first, cloud first".

The MS SQL also allows the user-defined composites types to be defined and then used. The storage of data is done in separate tables by a relational database. The database is organized in such a way that they have optimized the speed. A flexible environment is provided by the logical model which is consists of views, tables, rows, columns. We have to define the rule for the various kind of relationship between the databases like one to one, one to many, many to many.

The software is in the open source form. That means anyone can use it just by downloading it from the internet and modify it according to their need.

MS SQL is better than my SQL when it comes to inserting and deleting the data from the database and weaker when it has to store the data and do the referencing of it. The security features in MS SQL are better than my SQL. The main function of Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer tool is to make sure that the updates are regular in the SQL server installation. The Microsoft also provides assistant in their SQL databases and cloud storage for both free and paid mode.


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