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Meaning Of Design and Architecture

Design refers to the creation of something as per the plan for the purpose of architecture. Architecture refers to that process of planning which is used for designing purpose or construction of any building. It is considered to be work of art and cultural symbols in the field of construction. The word design and architecture is used as interchangeably for the purpose of construction. In simple terms, architecture refers to product and process which is based on planning and designing of construction-related activities. Meaning of architecture also includes following:

  • In general sense, this word applies to the building and other related physical structures.
  • It is an art and science which includes designing of building
  • It relates to that knowledge which is based on art, science, and technology.
  • It also includes rendering of services being professional in the field of architecture and designing activities.

Therefore, it can be said that design is creating the plan for the purpose of any construction and architecture is planning process for construction of any building based on art, science, and knowledge. Design and architecture are based on various philosophies so as to judge it easy are not good. The designing process includes six stages namely research, graphic design, prototyping, wire framing, testing and information architecture. Architecture is based on three concepts they are durability, utility, and beauty. Thus, in short, it can be said that architectural design should be such that which satisfies all the three concepts, otherwise it may get fail. Architecture can be based on building, business, technical and brand. Design can be based on interior design, web design or many more.


The difference between design and architecture can be understood easily by way of following points, they are as follows:


  • Plan based on the structuring of something. Plan based on the creation of something.
  • It is prior step to design. This step takes place after the architecture.
  • It is based on purpose, structure, and strategy. It is based on the implementation process of something.
  • Architecture is totally supported by designing which means without it, it is nothing. Whereas, designing without architecture means something which means designing can be required at any level.

Thus, from above differentiation, it can be concluded that both architecture and design provides a support to each other in such a way that without design, architecture is nothing. And design without architecture is also not possible wholly. Both are essential so it is possible to maintain a balance between them so that maintainable solution can be pointed out. It is necessary to have good architect if we want to have to use the land in a possible way. Both design and architecture requires great skills, experience, and knowledge to pursue in that field and to have success in it. Example for architecture can be taken as providing structures like staircases, rooms and basic services like air conditioning and ventilation services. While examples of designs include arts-based services, interior designing, floor and furnishing and additional services also like modular kitchens and coffee stations.


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